About us

Evolution is the country’s leading coaching and research institution for the Civil Service Examination (CSE or IAS) and the Indian Forest Service (IFoS) Examination.

We started our operations 15 years back in Dr. Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi.

With scientifically designed and result oriented courses, plus a sharp focus on robust academics and analytical research, we soon became one of the most trusted names in the field of IAS & IFoS prep. Our consistent results bear testimony to our commitment and the well deserved position of leadership.

We believe that the formula for outstanding results in these competitive examinations comprises of motivated students, committed faculty and rigorous academic work. You’ll find all these at Evolution.

In the years of our operation, 85 of our students have secured ranks in the Top 10 of the Civil Service Examination and the Indian Forest Service Examination (IFoS) so far, including 8 All India Rank 1 also. A total of 1600 + students of ours have finally been recommended for the Civil Services or the Indian Forest Service.

Students come to Evolution from every state in the nation and enjoy a friendly, inclusive and multicultural environment. We are proud of a culture of academic discipline and a competitive atmosphere at Evolution.They push the students to achieve their best in the IAS and / or IFoS Examinations.

We continue to attract and retain outstanding faculty and research personnel who are well respected in their fields. Our faculty body is among the best qualified and most diverse in our country. More than 30 highly committed faculty members work here to support the IAS and IFoS preparation of students.

You are welcome to explore Evolution and be at Evolution, if you are looking for dependable, high quality and result oriented coaching for IAS or IFoS. Opportunities for benefiting from our uniquely designed academic programmes, innovative research work in the trends and patterns of the competitive examination abound at Evolution.

About E-school

E-school for IAS and IFoS is a new initiative from the house of Evolution. Through this platform, we are delivering the same high standards of preparatory support for the IAS & IFoS examinations, which our classroom courses have come to become synonymous with.

Evolution’s preparatory support and guidance have resulted into more than 1600+ selections in the prestigious IAS & IFoS examinations including 8 All India Toppers.

If you are looking for top-notch preparatory support for your IAS and IFoS examinations with the flexibility of being wherever you are and studying whenever you can, our E-school is the just the right place for you.

Feel free to join any or all of our online courses based on your needs. If you don’t find a course you are looking for, just drop us a message. We should still be able to help you.