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Online Course: GS for IAS Prelims 2019

A comprehensive programme that makes you clear the IAS Prelims with confidence

Comprehensive coverage • Rigorous Current Affairs • Scientific Tests • Intensive Revision

  • Batch 4 starting on 1st November 2018

Course designed by

Dr. Abhishek Kumar

An acclaimed mentor with 16 years’ of experience and 1680+ results to his credit

Course delivered by

Dr. Abhishek along with experienced GS experts of Evolution

The what and why of this course

Preliminary Examination is not only the first challenge in the three stage UPSC Civil Service Examination but it is also the most competitive one. The success rate is just about 1.5 percent as only about 9,000 candidates clear this stage out of the 6,00,000 aspirants appearing for this examination. Most of the freshers get eliminated at this stage itself but this need not be your story.

With early and right planning plus step-by-step guidance, you can clear the Preliminary Examination 2019 with total certainty.

This online course aims to help you clear the IAS Prelims 2019 with:

  1. A to Z practical planning for the Preliminary Examination 2019 
  2. Meticulously designed implementation plan to prepare you for the challenge in time
  3. Comprehensive coverage based on the standard reference materials consulted by all the successful candidates who clear with a good rank
  4. Regular Current Affairs and General Awareness coverage to deal with the dynamic part of the Prelims question paper
  5. Scientific testing and revision programme to monitor your progress and give you examination-like practice

The course has been designed and developed by Dr. Abhishek Kumar, who – in the capacity of Academic Director of Evolution – has helped 1680+ students achieve their goal of becoming a Civil Servant or an IFS officer. With his deep insight and analytical tools, he has prepared a step-by-step programme for IAS Prelims 2019. This programme includes:

  • Complete planning for the Prelims  preparation
  • Recorded class lectures
  • Narrated video presentations
  • Study notes derived from time-tested standard books and other resources
  • Realistic practice tests
  • Doubt removal sessions
  • Intensive revision sessions

With this course, you will have a real plan for your Prelims Examination.

Most students are preparing for the IAS Prelims without any written plan. Even those who have a plan have either borrowed it from some friend, senior, a website or just prepared a time-table and call it a plan (sadly, none of the above qualifies as a REAL PLAN). It’s truly a rare thing that a student prepares after doing scientific data-analysis of every single question type asked in the IAS Prelims in even the last 5 years. We have done that for the last 18 years for this course.

We know precisely where you should be focusing your  energy and get maximum reward. There is no guess work – it’s pure strategy.

By the end of this course, you will be confident about clearing the Prelims 2019 with a safe margin.

This course is for you if you want to know about and work upon the right strategy for the Prelims and above all, you really want to get selected in the Prelims 2019 with a safe margin – no matter what.

Come on in. We’re looking for you.

Course highlights

Covers all the vital areas

All the needed topics for the Prelims

200+ video tutorials

Sharp focus on current dimensions of topics

Quality study material

Crisp notes on all the topics – easy to grasp and retain

Each topic prepared from standard reference books

All notes prepared by our in-house research team

Time bound preparation

Finish the course by 31st January 2019 which gives you ample time for intensive revision and value addition

Weekly study plan for you in 100% alignment to the examination

Live interaction with faculty

Fortnightly Live Sessions with Faculty to address all your doubts and queries

Special live mentoring sessions with Dr. Abhishek once every month

High quality practice tests

Practice Tests exactly like the UPSC papers to give you realistic practice

8 Full Syllabus Mock Tests in the last 3 months before the examination

Course curriculum

We are going to cover the entire prescribed syllabus plus much more in the course.

The UPSC syllabus has the following areas.

  1. Current events of national and international importance
  2. History of India and Indian National Movement
  3. Indian and World Geography – Physical, Social, Economic Geography of India and the World
  4. Indian Polity and Governance – Constitution, Political System, Panchayati Raj, Public Policy, Rights Issues, etc
  5. Economic and Social Development – Sustainable Development, Poverty, Inclusion, Demographics, Social Sector initiatives, etc
  6. General issues on Environmental Ecology, Bio-diversity and Climate Change – that do not require subject specialisation
  7. General Science

But, as mentioned earlier, we are going to do much more. Our coverage will be guided by these 4 factors.

Our analysis shows that in the last 5 years, in the IAS Preliminary Examination, the relative importance given to the topics is as follows (in descending order).

  1. Environmental Ecology
  2. Indian Economy
  3. Indian Polity
  4. Geography
  5. History and Culture
  6. General Science and Technology

Together, the first 4 topics are most important. Along with their current dimensions, these four  have accounted for 70% of the Prelim questions. We have designed this course accordingly. Nearly 70% of course focus has been placed on the above topics. In the first 3 topics, we have given maximum emphasis on current aspects of the topics, because this is how questions are framed.

What the toppers say about us


All India Rank - 1, Indian Forest Service Eaxm, 2016

I prepared both my optional subjects with Evolution for the Civil Service and Indian Forest Service Examinations. Despite being a B.Tech. in Computer Science, I mastered subjects like Botany with Forestry with reasonable efforts and felt confident in the exams.

The classroom course and notes have been exactly in tune with the needs to the examination. For most of my preparation, I relied only on my class-notes, while the study materials served as excellent reference resources.

I was also with Evolution for Interview Guidance and Test Series. I must say that the personal attention – especially from Abhishek Sir – was truly remarkable and went a long way in sharpening my preparedness and keeping myself motivated.


Why do I need this course?

This is a comprehensive course for IAS Prelims 2019. With this course you can effectively cover all the vital topics for your Prelims. It also includes current affairs and tests.

Besides, the course also offers you a clear strategic planning which is crucial to clear the Prelims.

The course aims to help you clear the Prelims 2019 with confidence and a safe margin.

What is your stratetgy?

We have done a meticulous analysis of the last 18 years’ IAS prelims question papers and prepared a list of vital areas which must be covered for the Prelims.

Based on this, we have designed our course for the IAS Prelims.

In this course, all vital topics will be covered for giving you maximum output for your targeted input.

Duration of the course

About 10 Months, which will be divided as follows.

  • Core course work – From 10th July 2018 till January 31st 2019 (5 Days / Week)
  • Current Affairs – 1 Day / Week from 10th July 2018 till January 31st 2019 
  • Revision sessions & Mock Tests – 1st Feb 2019 till 15th May 2019

How much time I'll have to invest?

About 4 hours daily till 31st January 2019.

That will include watching our video lectures or video tutorials uploaded for the day plus reading the study materials.

What will I get in this course?

  1. A complete Study Plan for the next Prelims
  2. Weekly study targets 
  3. Coverage of all the core topics for the Prelims 2019
  4. All study materials in printed format (will be dispatched to you by SpeedPost after your enrollment and during the course)
  5. Video lessons on 95% of the topics – they are recorded lectures and teacher-narrated video presentations
  6. Concise notes for factual topics which do not need teacher’s explanation (About 5% of the course)
  7. Crisp and easy to grasp class hand-outs in PDF format embedded along with every video lesson
  8. Fortnightly Live Sessions  with faculty for your doubts and queries
  9. Mentoring Interactions with Dr. Abhishek
  10. 8 Mock Tests for a realistic practice for the Prelims
  11. Doubt clearance through e-mail

What type of video lessons will I be getting?

There are mainly two formats of video lessons which we are using.
This course has both types of video lessons depending on the topic.

1. Teacher’s actual class lectures recorded in the classroom.  

2. Narrated animations / presentations.

The choice of the video format will obviously be determined by the demands of topic.

Notes, Study Material and Supplements

A total of 2000+ pages of  notes are there in this course.

There are two parts of the notes:

1. Study materials in printed format (They will be dispatched to you by SpeedPost after your enrollment and during the course)

2. Crisp and easy to grasp class hand-outs in PDF format embedded along with video lesson

All our notes are prepared by our dedicated research team for IAS Prelims.

Needless to add, there will be 100% alignement between our notes and the real demands of the UPSC.

Will you cover current topics?

Certainly YES!

Current Affairs and related GK will form nearly 50% part of this course.

It will be integrated with the dynamic areas of GS, such as Indian Economy, Indian Polity and Public Policy, Environmental Ecology, Science and Technology etc.

Most of them will be covered through Video Tutorials and accompanying Study Material.

Will there be Tests?

Certainly YES!

Tests constitute an important part of the Preliminary Examination preparation.

In this course, you will be having a total of 20 Tests

  • 12 Section-wise Tests. They will be on different sections of the syllabus and current affairs
  • 8 Full Syllabus Tests. They will be on the same pattern as the UPSC’s Preliminary Examination.

How many video lessons will I be getting?

You will get 200+video lessons in this course. The videos will feature our core faculty including Dr. Abhishek. All the topics requiring explanation will have a video tutorial.

Only totally factual topics will not have video lessons associated with them because well written and organised study material will be sufficient for them.

How long will I remain enrolled?

Through out the life of the course.

But, the course has its lifespan till the  Prelims 2019. Our last class will be on disussing the Prelims Paper 2019 and providing its solution. Tentatively, it will be conducted on 5th June 2019.

After this, the course will be closed.

Once the course expires, all the subscriptions will also expire automatically.

How will I get my video lessons?

After you join, you’ll be getting your video lessons on our e-learning platform.

Our e-learning platform has been built by a Silicon Valley top-notch e-learning company, which also offers services to Fortune Top-50 companies worldwide.

So, when you sign up with us, you get super-easy and smooth e-learning platform that also keenly tracks your progress. 

How many times can I watch the video lessons during the course?

You can watch the video as many times as you want. There is no restriction on the number of times you can play the videos.

Can I download the video lessons?

There is no download option for the video lessons.

However, everything elese is downloadable – for example, all the lecture handouts, all the supplements etc.

What happens after I pay?

Once your payment for a course is successful:

  • In 1 minute’s time: You receive the payment confirmation by SMS and e-mail.
  • You have to download, fill up and send the scanned copy of our Admission Form to [email protected]
  • In 1 day’s time: Your enrollment will activated and you will start taking the course of your choice.

I have some other question.

Why not? We’ll be happy to address all your quries and concerns.

Please drop us a mail at [email protected] or drop a WhatsApp message to +91 9810 975 937.

Our team will quickly get in touch with you.

What the toppers say about us

Vaibhava Srivastava

All India Rank - 1, Indian Forest Service Eaxm, 2017; Rank 98, Civil Service Examination, 2017

I have learnt so much from the way Abhishek sir articulates and presents his thoughts. It used to be absolute pleasure for me to just listen to him. Thank you so much, sir, for your encouragement, guidance and support!

Prashant sir and Chiranth sir helped me immensely in covering Forestry in such a little time. Prashant sir was extremely cordial and kind in entertaining my various queries, and guided me throughout the preparation.

Abhishek sir, thank you so much for creating such an enabling and friendly environment!

Every single day counts..